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ITALICS A Thanksgiving Pasta Inspired by Roman Jews

italicsBy Elin Schoen Brockman*

It’s been 32 years since Calvin Trillin’s famous proposal, in the New Yorker, that Spaghetti alla Carbonara replace turkey as our national Thanksgiving dish. After all, Trillin argued, the Indians could have brought it to that …

EVENTS Limmud Italia, This Year in Jerusalem

limmud italiaBy Rossella Tercatin

Limmud Italia doubles down. For 2018, the Italian branch of the UK-based Jewish charity that for the past 30 years has positioned its annual conferences among the most popular events on the Jewish international scene has decided …

BOOKS “The Nazi Monster, an Enemy to Uncover

PEBy Gadi Luzzatto Voghera*

For decades, Mein Kampf was just the title of a book briefly mentioned in high school classes. Then last year Bompiani published an anastatic reissue, coming with an issue of Il Giornale, the newspaper owned by …

NEWS Italy Tell The Story Of Its Jewish People In New Museum

meisBy Talya Zax*

“The story of Jews in Italy is really an Italian story,” Dario Disegni said one recent autumn morning at Columbia University’s Italian Academy for Advanced Studies.

Disegni, president of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the …

FEATURES A Taste of Parma

parmigianoBy Ilise Posner*

Could there be an imitation cheese lurking on your shelf? Parmesan cheese, a simple delight for many has an intriguing history. It originated in, you guessed it, the Italian province of Parma and has been prepared for …