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NEWS The Next Giro D’Italia to Start From Jerusalem

giroBy Adam Smulevich

The next edition of Giro d’Italia, one of the prestigious three-week-long bicycle Grand Tours held every year along with the Tour de France and Vuelta, will start from Jerusalem. The official announcement, as Pagine Ebraiche anticipated few …

European Day of Jewish Culture – Sicily in the Spotlight

palermo synagogueBy Daniel Reichel
The European Day of Jewish Culture will be celebrated in Italy on September 10, in over 80 locations. The heart of the initiatives this year will be Sicily; its ancient Jewish roots and the blooming of its …

CULTURE An Exhibit Brings a Taste of Jewish Rome in New York

rome labBy Pagine Ebraiche staff

An installation featuring a virtual path in Ancient Rome and its millennial Jewish history was inaugurated last week in New York. Called “Rome Lab”, the initiative is being carried out by the Yeshiva University Museum, the …

European Day of Jewish Culture – Between Identity and Dialogue

noemi di segniBy Noemi Di Segni*

This year’s European Day of Jewish Culture will involve as many as eighty-one localities from the north to the south of Italy, featuring hundreds of cultural initiatives. This increasingly-successful event, established eighteen years ago, is promoted …

Meis und Miur, gemeinsames Engagement für Kultur und Didaktik

ferraraAda Treves*

Die erste Tat der Podiumsrunde mit dem Titel “Teilnahme und Staatsbürgerschaft heute: die Herausforderungen der Aufnahme“, die eine zentrale Veranstaltung des Festes des Jüdischen Buches von Ferrara 2017 war, war die Unterzeichnung des Vereinbarungsprotokolls durch das Meis, das …

SPORTS The Israeli Ghost of an Italian World Champion  

antognoniBy Adam Smulevich
He was one of the most skillful and creative offensive playmakers of his generation, and also one of the legendary players who won the 1982 FIFA World Cup title for Italy. Giancarlo Antognoni at age of 62 …