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NEWS Bergoglio Visits the Ardeatine Caves

ardeatineBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff

Pope Jorge Bergoglio visited the Ardeatine Caves last week. The Caves were the site of a massacre carried out in 1944 by Nazi troops killing 335 people, including many Jews. Greeting the Pope were the chief …

NEWS A New Tractate of the Talmud Is Translated in Italian

berakhotBy Pagine Ebraiche staff

Another instalment of the Italian translation of the Babylonian Talmud came out last week.

The Tractate of Berakhot, the first Tractate of the Seder Zeraim that largely deals with agricultural laws, has been published in two …

CULTURE The Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah Ready to Debut

meis dossierBy Ada Treves

A complex and multi-shaped reality, comprising national authorities as well as smaller local organizations. A rich heritage including over a hundred institutions from all over Europe. This is the reality that Brigitte Sion depicted in her “Survey …

MEINUNG Italien zwischen rechts und populistisch

daniel mosserivon Daniel Mosseri

Wie würde es Ihnen gefallen, wenn der Bundeskanzler überhaupt keine Erfahrung hätte? Nicht nur keine politische, sondern gar keine Erfahrung, weil er noch nie gearbeitet hat. So einer ist Luigi Di Maio, der 31-jährige Spitzenkandidat der Fünf-Sterne-Bewegung …

Politique – La France malade de l’antisémitisme

marianne 2Par Martine Gozlan*

Les attaques au domicile continuent. On profane une seconde fois la stèle à la mémoire d’Ilan Halimi. Internet se déchaîne. Quarante pour cent des actes racistes visent les juifs qui représentent 1 % de la population. Mais, …