il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

Politique – La France malade de l’antisémitisme

marianne 2Par Martine Gozlan*

Les attaques au domicile continuent. On profane une seconde fois la stèle à la mémoire d’Ilan Halimi. Internet se déchaîne. Quarante pour cent des actes racistes visent les juifs qui représentent 1 % de la population. Mais, …

CULTURE MEIS, Knowledge and Dialogue

dario disegniBy Dario Disegni*

The opening of the first large building of the “Meis – Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah” (National Museum of Italian Judaism and Shoah) (Meis), with the exhibition “Jews, an Italian history. The first thousand years …

NEWS Remembrance and commitment, from Berlin to Rome

Schermata 2018-03-12 alle 12.46.19By Pagine Ebraiche staff

Remembrance is also a matter of civic duty. This is the message that Italy will send to the world through a special stamp which will commemorate the Italian leadership of IHRA. Ambassador Sandro De Bernardin himself, …

Politique – Le “J’accuse” de Manuel Valls

Par Éric Decouty et Renaud Dély

Marianne : A vos yeux, la France de 2017 est-elle malade de l’antisémitisme ? Quel est votre diagnostic?

Manuel Valls : A observer les statistiques, on pourrait avoir une lecture encourageante. Les actes antisémites …

CULTURE In Ferrara to Explore the Tree of Life

Schermata 2017-12-11 alle 14.49.58By Simonetta Della Seta*

When I visited for the first time the place where we were going to set up the first part of the exhibition of the Meis (Museo nazionale dell’ebraismo italiano e della Shoah), what struck me was …

SPORTS Remembering Davide Astori

astoriBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff*

He was an athlete of great worth and respectability, but also a man with solid values. The football world is in shock with the sudden death of Davide Astori, team captain of ACF Fiorentina and defender …

NEWS Italian Judges Visit Israel

judgesBy Daniel Reichel

A delegation of the Italian High Council of the Judiciary (CSM) – guided by the deputy president Giovanni Legnini and the president of the Supreme Court of Cassation Giovanni Canzi, visited Israel last week.   

The mission was …

FEATURES Luisella Ottolenghi Mortara, an Art Historian

luisella ottolenghi mortaraBy Julie Carbonara*

Studying the past doesn’t exclude being fully involved in the present, as the life of Luisella Ottolenghi Mortara, who has died aged 87, demonstrated. An art historian who specialised in illuminated manuscripts, Ottolenghi Mortara is credited with …

SPORTS Israeli Cycling Team Proves Their Strength

milano sanremoBy Adam Smulevich

The Israel Cycling Academy, the first Israeli professional cycling team to participate in a Giro d’Italia continues to amaze.

After distinguishing itself at the Tirreno – Adriatico, an elite cycle race in Italy between the Tyrrhenian and …