• CULTURE Israeli Artist’s Exhibit at Museum for Contemporary Art of Rome

      rafael_y_hermanBy Pagine Ebraiche staff
      The MACRO, Museum for Contemporary Art of Rome, will feature an exhibit by the Israeli artist and photographer Rafael Y. Herman. “The Night Illuminates the Night” (January 25 – March 26) was curated by Stefano Rabolli …

    • COMICS & JEWS Chronosquad, History is Alive

      chronosquad“Chronosquad”, the graphic novel written by Pagine Ebraiche illustrator Giorgio Albertini, has been nominated in official selection for the Grand Prix in Angoulême, the prestigious award given annually during the Angoulême International Comics Festival to a comics author. Following is

  • Dialogue

    • NEWS Milan Archbishop Visits the Synagogue

      scola synagogue milanBy Daniel Reichel
      The Archbishop of Milan Angelo Scola visited the Central Synagogue of Milan for the first time last week.
      The need for a dialogue between religions that can really guarantee social harmony and represent a bulwark against radicalism, …

  • Events

    • EVENTS Cyprus Remembers British Detention Camps

      cyprusBy Rossella Tercatin
      A conference to remember British Detention Camps set in Cyprus after World War II will be held on the island later this week. 
      The conference will focus on the children born in the camps, where their parents …

    • SPORTS The Israeli Ghost of an Italian World Champion  

      antognoniBy Adam Smulevich
      He was one of the most skillful and creative offensive playmakers of his generation, and also one of the legendary players who won the 1982 FIFA World Cup title for Italy. Giancarlo Antognoni at age of 62 …

    • MEDIA The Golem, from Myth to Modern Icon

      PE golemThe January issue of Pagine Ebraiche features a special section about the figure of the Golem, edited by journalist Ada Treves. The following is the introduction to the special section.

      By Ada Treves

      So rooted in collective phantasy as to …


      vitaleBy Guido Vitale

      “There are Jews who believe and those who don’t. There are Jews who practise and those who don’t. But there are few Jews indeed who, when their people are suffering, can walk away saying, ‘This has nothing …

    • Altrove/Elswhere – Secrets

      Catalan_Atlas_caravan_drawingBy Daniel Leisawitz*

      Joining a long tradition, President Obama, in the final days of his presidency, granted pardons and commutations to hundreds of people currently serving prison sentences, most of them for non-violent drug offenses. However, among the people receiving …

    • Head to Heels

      carucciBy Benedetto Carucci Viterbi*

      As Jacob is buried In the Machpelah cave, also Esau’s head rolled into it, coming to rest on his father’s Isaac. Therefore, it is clear that his intellectual dimension is as such that he deserves to …

  • Bechol Lashon

    • BECHOL LASHON Deutsch – Zehn Kilometer Gedenken

      RUN FOR MEMvon Andrea Jarach*

      Der 27. Januar ist in Italien seit 16 Jahren als »Giorno della Memoria« etabliert, um der Opfer der Schoa zu gedenken. Aus diesem Anlass gibt es am Sonntag erstmals einen Gedenklauf durch Rom. Der »Corsa per la …