English – Welcome to Jewish Rome

If you are visiting, or planning to visit Rome, on this page you can find some basic information on Jewish life in the city.

EATING KOSHER: please click here for the list of “restaurants and kosher points”.

TIMETABLE FOR PRAYERS: click on banner “orari 5770”. From left to right you have: 1. date (week starting) 2. early daylight(*) 3. sunrise 4. end of qeriat-shemà time (according to Maghen Avraham) 5. mincha ghedola starting time 6. sunset 7. three stars

(*) earliest time for tallit and tefillin is from 18 minutes (in December) to 32 minutes (in June) after that time or 50 minutes before sunrise.


For timetables of prayers in synagogues and for shabbat timetables, please see Orari delle tefillot 5770 or contact the Rabbinical Office in one of the following ways:

ph +39 06 68400651/2

fax +39 06 68400655


For quick reference, look at the map (click on it to enlarge)

You can also open the Welcome to Jewish Rome brochure_june09edition

Looking for hospitality or organised meals for shabbat? Please send an email to the aforementioned address by stating SHABBAT MEALS in the subject: we will try our best to organise for you!

Enjoy your staying!