il portale dell'ebraismo italiano


vitaleBy Guido Vitale

It might seem odd to view the vileness that the Labour Party has disclosed over these last few days as an opportunity. But I’m tempted to believe that Ken Livingstone has done the Jews a service – after years of dodging and weaving, he has finally laid his cards on the table.
He doesn’t know it, of course, and never will. To understand one’s actions requires self-knowledge, and to understand their effect on others requires imagination, and Mr. Livingstone is a stranger to both. But he has, once and for all, bust the big lie that you can be an enemy of Zionism and not an enemy of Jews.
I choose my words carefully. An enemy of Zionism. Finding fault with Israel is something else. Who doesn’t find fault with Israel? Jews are themselves born fault-finders. We find fault with everything. (Howard Jacobson)