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NEWS Liliana Segre: “Our biggest fear is to die alone”

Liliana-SegreBy Daniel Reichel

“You know what? I have nothing original to say, and neither do my imagination, my fantasy, my common sense, nor anything else. I’m rather astonished by what is happening, and the truth is there is nothing to …

NEWS Restoration works at Synagogue of Florence begin

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

Restoration works at the Synagogue of Florence started last week.

The works are necessary to protect the structure, after recent studies of the building exposed extensive floor damage.

The floor will be therefore restored to reconstruct …

CULTURE Parma, a small community thinking big

Schermata 2019-08-19 alle 12.54.12By Adam Smulevich*

The earliest records of Jews in Parma date back to the mid-15th century, when the city was part of the Duchy of Milan.

Following a decree of expulsion issued in the 16th century as a result of …