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An appeal by the Ucei President
Jerusalem Day

By Noemi Di Segni*

A day of celebration, Jerusalem Day, turned into a day of guerrilla warfare and terror. And only by a miracle, for the moment, no losses of life. All these upsets and worries us, also for the …

The unique eruv marking Shabbat in Venice

The eruv, the abbreviation by which the “eruv chazeroth” generally goes, is the ritual halakhic enclosure made for the purpose of allowing activities which are normally prohibited on Shabbat. It integrates symbolically private properties and public spaces, such as streets, …

The Quirinale honors
writer and poet Edith Bruck

“Remembering is pain, but I never shirked. Even illuminating a single consciousness is worth the effort and the pain of keeping alive the memory of what it was. For me, memory is living and writing is breathing”. So the Hungarian-born …