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American Jewish Committee Shocked by Grillo’s Statements

AJC is shocked by the cynical and instrumental use of the Shoah, of Auschwitz and of an author of the stature of Primo Levi as vehicles for base contemporary political propaganda by Beppe Grillo, the head of the Five Star Movement.

AJC is equally appalled by Mr. Grillo’s vulgar insults against the President of the Italian Jewish Community and his insinuations regarding recondite power conspiracies behind all the crises of today’s world.

Minimization of the Shoah and scapegoating can only lead to further deterioration of the moral fabric of Italian society.
Grillo’s irresponsible and offensive actions during the present economic and social crisis of Italy and Europe can easily lend themselves to furthering anti-Semitism, xenophobia and nationalist extremisms.

To the contrary, what is needed today in our global society is the unity of all European citizens in the search for constructive national and pan-European projects.