NEWS Rome, the Shoah Museum Goes Back to the Villa

casina-vallatiBy Daniela Gross

“We are facing a decision that has a profound ethical value towards the last survivors of the extermination camps and we have to decide even considering the emotion for the Mario Limentani’s death, the tears of Sami Modiano and the touching words of Piero Terracina (among the testimonies of the Shoah in Italy ndr). But as Municipality we must decide also taking into account the legal constraints, and then must observe the initiated procedure opening the envelopes of the European call to build the Museum, as also pointed out by the chairman emeritus of the Constitutional Court Maria Flick”.

So declared the Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino at the end of the meeting of the counselors of the Shoah Museum Foundation that took place last week. During the meeting, a new scenario developed for the soon to be created museum. Whereas just a few days ago the most accredited hypothesis predicted to set it in a commercial space in the Eur neighborhood, now the mayor assumed the commitment to carry forward the initial project of Villa Torlonia, aimed to place the museum in the Roman mansion where the dictator Benito Mussolini lived for 18 years, from July 22th of 1925 to July 25th of 1943 conceiving there many laws.

During the meeting it was also decided the symbolic laying of the foundation stone on January 27. Waiting for the final headquarters, the exposition will be set up in the Casina of Vallati, a building owned by the Municipality, sited near Portico d’Ottavia, the ancient Roman Ghetto.
The document issued by the mayor highlights, however, that during the discussion emerged “a clear difference of opinion with the representatives of the Jewish Community.” Therefore, he concludes, “while confirming my determination to achieve the museum at Villa Torlonia, I decided to accept the request for a few days pause for reflection”.