NEWS A New Rabbi for Naples

pipernoBy Adam Smulevich

Rav Umberto Avraham Piperno, 53 years old, has been appointed the new Chief Rabbi of Naples. Rav Piperno, who is an expert of kashrut, has also worked as a teacher of Jewish subjects both in Italy and the United States.
After serving as Chief Rabbi of Trieste, rav Piperno moved to New York in 2007 and became the Rabbi of the Sephardic Congregation of Riverdale, a position that he held until 2012.
Back in Rome, two years ago, he started working at the Rabbinical College as well as at the Beth Shalom synagogue.

“Rav Piperno will join us for a meal during which he will be presented and meet our kehillah (community)”, president of Jewish Community of Naples Pierluigi Campagnano announced.
Words of appreciation were pronounced also by the president of the Italian Rabbinical Council president Rav Giuseppe Momigliano and by the vice president of the local Jewish Community Sandro Temin (who is also member of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities -UCEI – council).

“Just as we light the candles seen from our windows into the darkness of the night, we have to make ourselves visible, be proud of our Jewishness, be able to explain and support our thesis and spread the eternal values of freedom and equality,” rav Piperno recently wrote about Chanukkah, the coming Jewish festival of lights.