SUMMER BOOKS The Fascists and the Jews of Italy

italicsBy Daniela Gross

“From 1938 until 1943 – before the German occupation and accompanying Holocaust – Fascist Italy drafted and enforced a comprehensive set of anti-Semitic laws”. In his new book “The Fascists and the Jews of Italy. Mussolini’s Racial Laws 1938-1945”, Michael Livingston, professor of Law at Rutgers University, exhaustively reviews Italian legal, administrative, and judicial sources along with archives of Italian Jewish Communities. The result is the first comprehensive survey of the Italian Race Laws in English, illuminating the legal framework and the bureaucratic mechanism on which the persecution against Italian Jews was based on. It is disturbing and challenging reading, but very illuminating.

The Fascists and the Jews of Italy. Mussolini’s Race Laws 1938-1945
By Michael A. Livingston
Cambridge University Press
274 pp.