NEWS A New Board for the Union of Italian Jewish Communities

boardBy Pagine Ebraiche staff
The newly-elected Council of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities held a meeting in Rome on Sunday. Among the points on the agenda was the appointment of the new board that will assist president Noemi Di Segni.
The board will have two vice-presidents, Giulio Disegni from Turin, who will be in charge of the UCEI property assets, and Giorgio Mortara from Milan, who will be in charge of welfare. Chief rabbi of Genoa Giuseppe Momigliano will look after religious affairs. David Menasci from Bologna will see to relationships with the Communities, and Guido Guetta from Milan will be in charge of the budget. Livia Ottolenghi, Gianni Ascarelli and Franca Formiggini Anav, all from Rome, will respectively look after education, cultural heritage, and human resources/legal affairs.
There will also be three Councilors formally outside the board: Giacomo Moscati will see to international relations, David Meghnagi to culture, and Jacqueline Fellus to Kasherut.
The Israeli ambassador to Rome Naor Gilon also spoke at the meeting. He highlighted the importance of strong ties between Italy and Israel and of the role of Diaspora Jews. He also presented his successor Ofer Sachs, who is about to be officially appointed to the post.