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NEWS In Milan, a Hotline for People in Need Started by Chabad

beteavonBy Daniel Reichel

‘Shemà’ (‘Hear’), is the name of the new project created by the Italian section of the Merkos l’Inyonei Chinuch, the educational branch of the Chabad-Lubavitch: a support service dedicated to all the people in need.

Connected to Beteavòn, the soup kitchen founded in Milan by Merkos provides hot meals to thousands of people. Shemà is based on an idea of Daniela Zippel: creating a hotline that anyone who needs help can call.

“This service will be available, for example, for women who are victims of abuse, for families that have economic problems, for old or ill people who feel alone,” explained Zippel.

Shemà is a social service offered to the public and it can count on lawyers, doctors, and psychotherapists, who offer their services for free. Something similar to what Merkos is already doing with Beteavòn which has served 33,000 hot meals to homeless, refugees or to anyone in need in Milan since 2014.