NEWS Irua Brings Young Italian Jews together

By Pagine Ebraiche staffirua
Over 150 young Jews from all over Italy have participated in the great conference Irua (‘event’ in Hebrew), organized by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities in Tuscany last weekend.
“The atmosphere was great, the participation high, especially from the small Jewish Communities. There has been a lot of exchanges among the participants and as such the sessions were on a very high level,” commented rabbi Roberto Della Rocca, who is the director of the Education and Culture Area at UCEI. He introduced the young people to UCEI member of the board Livia Ottolenghi and the president of the Jewish Community of Florence Dario Bedarida.
Among the speakers, the founder of Limmud Conference Clive Lawton, and the psychologist and educator Daniel Segre.
The participants arrived from, among others, Savona, Casale Monferrato, Sannicandro, Rome  and Florence.
“Irua has been an opportunity for our younger generations to meet, get to know each other or find each other again,” explained Ottolenghi. “This has also been an occasion to work for the future of our communities.”