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NEWS Italy Ratifies European Union Legislation on Holocaust Denial

senatoBy Adam Smulevich

Filling a gap that had lasted many years, last week the Italian Senate adopted, with a large majority, the European Union’s decision on punishing Holocaust denial, genocide, and other crimes against humanity (also considering aggravating circumstances).

According to the upgrade of the law currently in force, known as Legge Mancino, not only the denial of the Shoah but also a trivialization and apology of Nazi-fascism will be considered as aggravation of the criminal offence. “A necessary step due for the citizens of Italy of yesterday and today,” highlighted the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities Noemi Di Segni in a note.

President Di Segni, who had been previously engaged in a deep dialogue with the main political forces represented at the Senate, also stated: “A special thank you goes to all those who have worked with us for this goal and to the Israeli Embassy: an important safeguard for the founding values of this country and its future. Together with many others, they express our shared concerns for the results of hatred, denial and banalization, to which we cannot remain indifferent.”