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NEWS Italian PM Reassures Jewish Communities and No Profit Sector about Fiscal Policy

By Pagine Ebraiche Staff

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reassured the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities in the matter of the new fiscal policy included in the 2019 Budget. The new law stipulates the end of tax concessions for non-profit organizations. This measure has caused an uproar in the entire Italian non-profit sector. These organizations will find themselves in the predicament of paying double the amount of taxes for 2019.

“We will take care of reformulating the norm and balancing it better as soon as possible in January”, Conte wrote in a note sent to president Noemi Di Segni.

“From what we understand, the increase in taxes will be implemented as soon as 2019. This implies for all non-profit organizations the need to revise their budgets many of which have already been approved in order to face a sudden and unsustainable doubling in taxes,” Di Segni wrote in a letter to the head of the government. “In this way, all volunteering, socio-medical, religious and cultural activities will be deeply penalized. They rely on very scarce resources and on the strength of faith and human solidarity, characteristics that are more and more rare in our society. This measure will hit these very institutions, including the religious ones which without aiming to make a profit, represent a resource for our country and a concrete support for families, communities and society”.