NEWS The Great Synagogue of Rome in the Spotlight

synagogueBy Adam Smulevich

The Great Synagogue of Rome, the most powerful symbol of the local Jewish community was built in 1904 and ever since then it has been a witness of beautiful as well as dark pages of over a century of Italian and European history. In the past few days itreceived new lights.

Forty-four floodlights with different intensity have been installed at the initiative of the Rome City Hall together with ACEA, the local electrical company. The artistic lighting is part of a project that involves the most evocative places in Rome.

“By shedding light on history, Rome will be the custodian not only of a Community that has always protected its identity, but also of the emotions that the powerful visual impact will produce in those who see it,” said Mayor Virginia Raggi during the inaugural ceremony.

“It is a meaningful message because it helps she light at a time when the darkness of prejudice and ignorance is making a comeback,” stressed President of the Jewish Community, Ruth Dureghello.

“Every synagogue preserves a spark of light that had shone in the Temple of Jerusalem,” said on that occasion, Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni. “Many have tried to turn off this light”. For this reason, he added, “lighting up the synagogue helps us by illuminating the path to follow”.