NEWS Italian Jewish leaders meet to talk about the emergency and a vision for the future

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

Presidents and secretaries general of the Italian Jewish communities, as well as those in charge of security and of the main services deployed during the long confinement, met yesterday – virtually, on Zoom – in a long and highly attended event.

The two intense hours were opened by the speeches by the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities Noemi Di Segni and by UCEI Secretary General Uriel Perugia, followed by that of UCEI board member for financial affairs Davide Romanin Jacur.

After weeks that saw all the energies and human and material resources available put to use in a whirlwind of activities, both for urgent needs and emergency management and to try in every way to keep the connection with Italian Jews alive, scattered throughout the peninsula, the meeting was an opportunity to discuss and take stock.

Participants illustrated difficulties, sacrifices, complexities faced and overcome together in order to meet the many needs that the coronavirus emergency created, forcing to change habits, rhythms and even priorities, with the challenge, also for UCEI employees, to carry on work but also to acquire new skills.

Through the assistance to individual communities for Purim and Pesach, fundraising initiatives, online programming offering classes, lessons, activities for children and meetings on a variety of topics available on the UCEI Facebook page, on Vimeo and now also on Spotify, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities showed that it has the ability not only to be present, alongside of the Communities it represents, but also to create and propose contents. The contents were presented by the head of the Education and Culture area, rav Roberto Della Rocca. Among the partners for the fundraising initiatives were the Jewish Agency, AJC, EJC, JDC and Jewish Foundation of San Diego, as well as AME and the Lev el Lev collection.

The activation of the national hotline for psychological and medical support and a course for “digital inexperienced” were also mentioned. The activities earned the favor and appreciation of the numerous participants in the meeting, which ended with a conversation on the existing needs and next goals to achieve together.