il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

The Prime minister Mario Draghi
“We Italians were not all good people”

“Now more than ever it is necessary to remain united in a joint effort that allows us to make us ever stronger and reaffirm the values and ideals that are the basis of our civil life, that common thread that, from the Risorgimento to the Resistance, has led to the rebirth of Italy”. This is the appeal launched by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in celebrating yesterday Italy’s 76th Liberation Day. On the occasion, both the President and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi sent a strong message to the country on the occasion of 25 April.
Mattarella defined the Resistance to Nazi fascism as an act of courage. “Resisting meant fighting, risking death. But it also meant healing, welcoming the persecuted, bearing witness to one’s humanity. It meant writing and speaking. Preparing the time of freedom for everyone with new ideas. It meant courage and hope”. However, pointed out the Prime Minister Mario Draghi referring to the myth of the decent behavior of Italians during WWII, it must not be forgotten that part of the country made a different choice and either took the side of the oppressor or remained indifferent. “In honoring the memory of those who fought for freedom – he said – we must also remember that we Italians were not all ‘good people’; there was also those who turned to the other side. We must remember that not choosing is also immoral”.
Mario Draghi spoke of the importance of continuing to honor the memory of those who fought for freedom. “We note with concern the blurring of the borders that history has drawn between democracies and authoritarian regimes, sometimes even between victims and executioners. We see the perverse fascination of autocrats and persecutors of civil liberties growing. it is a matter of feeding prejudices against ethnic and religious minorities”.
He also stressed that “the hate speech that often leads to racism and anti-Semitism always contains the seeds of potential violent actions. It must not be tolerated. It is a maleficent plant that generates consent for those who trample on freedom and rights, as if he were an avenger of the wrongs suffered, but above all spreads the poison of indifference and apathy”.