Survey ranks two Jewish high schools in first places

Eduscopio, the school evaluation and assessment report by Fondazione Agnelli, rewards the commitment and educational offer of Jewish secondary schools. The new survey, released last week, places the schools of Rome and Milan at the top of two indicators. The Roman high school Renzo Levi rises to the first place among the linguistic institutions of the capital; that of the Jewish Community of Milan instead confirms itself as the leader among those with a scientific focus in the Lombard capital.
Eduscopio aims “to help the students and their families when choosing a school after eighth grade”, intending to create the conditions for which “students can successfully take the next step in their life trajectories”. To be analyzed, the data of over one million graduates in three consecutive school years, in about 7,700 courses of study in public and equivalent secondary schools.
The online portal, which was first launched in 2014, has become over the years a major reference for families and schools themselves, with over 2.1 million unique users who have visited the website to this day, consulting a total 10.1 million pages.
Carried out by a non-profit, independent social sciences research institute, the report allows students to compare schools for the type of studies they are interested in, in the area where they live, in terms of how well they prepare their graduates for university or employment. Its success is based in the fact that it offers objective and reliable information, derived from accurate analyses of large databases.