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From the Bible to a vibrant present

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: The Jewish marriage is nurtured by precepts and rites of the past, it is the emblem of continuity, it has its roots in the Bible; yet it coexists with a vibrant present, dialogues with the culture in …

Free and responsible

By David Bidussa*

Ceasing of being slaves does not mean to be free. We become free when we learn how to be responsible.

*Social historian of ideas…

A colorful Haggadah answers your questions

Chag hamatzot (feast of unleavened bread), zeman cherutenu (feast of freedom), chag aviv (feast of spring). These are the names by which Pesach is known, but what is the difference between these meanings? An answer can be found in the …

Exhibition – Marc Chagall
“My Russia will love me too”

Until March 14th the whimsical world of the artist Marc Chagall is in display in Italy’s Palazzo Roverella in Rovigo. Titled “My Russia will love me too”, the exhibition focuses on the origins of his unique style and the relationship …

Exhibition – Marc Chagall
Jewish identity and universal messages

By Rav Scialom Bahbout

Marc Chagall’s artworks were multifarious. Many traces from various sources of inspiration can be found in his paintings. It is worth remembering that Chagall was born in Eastern Europe, where different cultural and spiritual tendencies coexisted …

“Thinking Europe in Yiddish”

The Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea-CDEC of Milan recently published the 17th issue of “Quest. Issues in Jewish Contemporary History”, its online journal. It is a monographic issue dedicated to the idea of Europe as seen by that vast …