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Des nouvelles anciennes

Par Gadi Luzzatto Voghera*

La Vénérable Bibliothèque Ambrosienne a imprimé une précieuse édition d’un extraordinaire texte hébraïque médiéval, dont elle conserve une copie manuscrite décorée. Il s’agit du Meshal Ha-Qadmonì, composé par Yitzhaq Ibn Sahula à Guadalajara entre 1281 …

Two new Rabbis for Italian Jewry

By Adam Smulevich

Over the past few days, Rabbi Paolo Sciunnach and Rabbi Ariel Finzi, already members of the Italian Rabbinical College with the title of Maskil, have achieved a goal that was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Italian Jewry: …

A synagogue for Palermo, fundraising soon to be launched

The pandemic slowed down the project, but the commitment to give Palermo a synagogue never stopped. On the contrary, it recently gained momentum with an international crowdfunding campaign soon to be launched in order to support the initiative. The plan …

Jewish Lybia and Holocaust: Giado, a silence to be broken

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, a ceremony to commemorate the Jews of Libya persecuted by Nazi-Fascism took place in Rome at the Verano Cemetery on the initiative of Associazione Salvaguardia Trasmissione Retaggio Ebrei di Libia (ASTREL), aimed at protecting the transmission

How evictions inspired a Jewish Italian dessert

By Michaela Hoenig*

As Jews around the world were preparing to celebrate the High Holidays, I scoured the internet to discover some Italian traditions for Rosh Hashana, and consider how they compare to the American Ashkenazi traditions that I …