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VENICE AND THE GHETTO The Jews in the Age of the Medici

veniceThe Center for Jewish History in New York will mark the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Venice ghetto in 1516 with a new exhibition that reveals the complex history of Jewish life in the Mediterranean world following the …

VENICE AND THE GHETTO A Place of Social Integration

veniceBy Luigi Brugnaro*

Surely, the creation of the Ghetto of Venice was not an act of social integration; it was imposed by the Republic of Venice 500 years ago, in an attempt to stem the increasing inflow of Jewish people …

VENICE AND THE GHETTO A Prestigious Culture and History

veniceBy Luca Zaia*

The presence of Jewish people in the land that would have become the Republic of Venice dates back several centuries. Over time, the Jews had turned to be a relevant core of Venice, which was the commercial …