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NEWS Milan Archbishop Visits the Synagogue

scola synagogue milanBy Daniel Reichel
The Archbishop of Milan Angelo Scola visited the Central Synagogue of Milan for the first time last week.
The need for a dialogue between religions that can really guarantee social harmony and represent a bulwark against radicalism, …

NEWS “Jewish-Catholic Dialogue Is at Good-Point”

hofmannBy Pagine Ebraiche staff
The interfaith dialogue between Jews and the Catholic Church is “at a very good point”. Explaining it to Pagine Ebraiche is Father Norbert Hofmann, secretary of the Holy See’s Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews. …

VENICE AND THE GHETTO A Cosmopolitan Community

veniceBy Rachael Kohn*

The world’s first ghetto was nothing like the racial enclaves and impoverished neighbourhoods that the use of the term conjures up today.

Nor was it a voluntary refuge where immigrants clustered, preferring their own company to that …


veniceBy Eli Mendelbaum*

It has been 500 years since the founding of the Jewish Ghetto, the first in the world, in Venice in 1516. “People don’t understand the significance of the word ghetto, where it comes from and how the …

VENICE AND THE GHETTO The Jews in the Age of the Medici

veniceThe Center for Jewish History in New York will mark the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Venice ghetto in 1516 with a new exhibition that reveals the complex history of Jewish life in the Mediterranean world following the …