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The melodies of Italian synagogues rediscovered

By Kyle Tassone*

What is “illumination”? In addition to being a synonym for “light”, Illumination, is also a unique project that gathered passionate professional musicians under the guiding vision and direction of cellist Ayela Seidelman, to rediscover early modern …

FEATURES Ennio Morricone, a personal memory

By Alan David Baumann*

Children of artists never abandon the strong bond with the parents, although psychologically the umbilical cord must be severed. On the one hand the artwork helps, on the other its constant presence can mean a sort …

NEWS A lost picture finally found

nella montefioriBy Paolo Brogi*

It was the one missing picture. And it just came to light thanks to the Stolperstein which was placed in Ancona in memory of Nella Montefiori a few days ago.

The photograph of Nella Montefiori, a teacher …