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ITALICS Italy’s Jews face realities of coronavirus lockdown

italicsBy Cnaan Liphshiz*

The outbreak of the coronavirus in northern Italy forced Claudia Bagnarelli to make a painful choice.

“To keep visiting my 94-year-old mother, I needed to stop seeing everyone else in my life,” Bagnarelli, a Jewish ballet teacher …

ITALICS Italian Jews: Rome, the Renaissance and Beyond

By Carlin Romano*

For most Americans familiar with Italian Jewry, the images that linger come from Vittorio De Sica’s evocative 1971 film, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, the Academy Award-winning picture based on Italian writer Giorgio Bassani’s prize-winning 1962 novel. …

ITALICS 15% of Italians say Holocaust never happened

italicsBy JTA*

More than 15 percent of respondents to a poll in Italy said the Holocaust never happened.

The results are part of the annual Eurispes Italy Report published Thursday. The poll by the non-governmental organization probes Italians’ views on …