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Union of the Italian Jewish Communities, names of the newly elected council

With the appointment of the three members of the Rabbinical Consulta, the new Council of the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities will take on a definitive structure in the coming days. Twenty Councilors of reference of the Jewish Community of Rome were chosen on the occasion of the recent elections. The formation “Per Israele”… leggi 

The millenary legacy of Hebrew books now available through a digital database

I-TAL-YA Books is the innovative project resulting from the collaboration between the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), the National Central Library of Rome (BNCR) and the National Library of Israel (NLI) to create, for the first time ever, a unified catalog of all Jewish books in Italy. Made possible thanks to the support… leggi 

The pandemic and the ritual of yortzeit

By Liora Finkel* We have all been feeling the effects of the COVID-19 virus for over a year now. At this point, some people have celebrated two birthdays, anniversaries, and annual holidays under pandemic conditions. Simultaneously, as of May 8th, there have been more than three million deaths from COVID-19 worldwide. On February 20, 2020,… leggi 

To build a better society we need dialogue

Jewish history and culture are deeply imbued by the concept of dialogue, both as awareness of others and as self-awareness. As President Sergio Mattarella remarked in a message on the occasion of the European Day of Jewish Culture celebrated Sunday in dozens of Italian cities and towns, dialogue is “a term filled with deep meanings.… leggi