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Rome, out in the streets against antisemitism

Thousands of people gathered on Tuesday in Piazza del Popolo in Rome to attend a rally against antisemitism and terrorism organized by the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities and the Jewish Community of Rome. Some of the highest-ranking representatives from the political, religious, and civil spheres were present in the square. Senator for Life… leggi 

Italy, a surge of hatred after October 7 massacre

“The effects of the massacres carried out by Hamas on October 7 are causing the largest wave of antisemitism in Italy in 40 years”. The complaint comes from the last report by the Observatory on antisemitism of the Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center – CDEC in Milan. Based on reports received by the Observatory, there… leggi 

FADE’s approach to confront prejudice

“Fight against Antisemitism through training anD awareness raising activitiEs – F.A.D.E” is a European project that was presented in Rome on November 22, and whose purpose is to improve public authorities’ ability to identify, prosecute and fight against episodes of discrimination and antisemitic hatred. This initiative, which will last 18 months, involves the Union of… leggi 

Camerini, in Israel between theater and work in the fields

“This year I spent many months of study in Jerusalem. Since October 7th, I have felt the impulse, increasingly strong, to return as soon as possible. One often feels alone in Europe in this unfortunate period. I wanted to embrace my family and the many friends I have here, but also to make a concrete… leggi 

SWG survey: Italians closer to the Palestinians

The more the conflict with Hamas terrorists continues, the more the approval of Italians towards Israel’s actions drops. This is what was registered in the last survey by the SWG research institute, which shows that since the outbreak of the war, the figure of those who feel closer to the “Israeli community” has decreased by… leggi 

Italian Rabbinate: Pope’s distance is not equal

“We are asking ourselves what use has been made of decades of Jewish-Christian dialogue, speaking of friendship and brotherhood, if, in reality, when Jews are facing extermination, instead of receiving closeness and understanding, they are presented with diplomatic acrobatics, political tightropes, and icy equidistance, which is certainly a distant stance, but not equally”. This was… leggi