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Ricardo Levi wants to make Italy better through literature and culture

By Adam Smulevich The journalist and former Jewish parliamentarian Ricardo Franco Levi, 72, has been confirmed as president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), the trade association of publishers of books, scientific journals, products and contents of digital publishing which represents 90% of the Italian book market. His unanimous designation for a further two years… leggi 

Bar Mitzvah, legacy and life of Piedmontese Jews

Joy and emotion in the suggestive synagogue of Biella Piazzo for Tuvia Cattaneo Treves’s Bar Mitzvah. On those benches, witnesses of his maternal ancestors’ prayers, the miracle of life and the continuity of the glorious, however small, Jewish communities in Piedmont has repeated itself once again. Accompanied by Rabbi Alberto Moshe Somekh and Rabbi Ariel… leggi