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Ferrara, a symbol of vitality and renewal

Renewing oneself as an individual, as a community, as a country. It was the central theme of the 23rd edition of the European Days of Jewish Culture that took place Saturday in Italy. Promoted by the Union of the Italian Jewish Communities, the event kicked off in Ferrara, the leading city in Italy, and over… leggi 

Books in a suitcase/ Being a pirate in a bathtub

Sami is a young pirate. He crosses the oceans in his bathtub. To accompany him, his three trusted and loved ducks. Until one morning he receives the unexpected call from the International Pirate Association’s representative. “Dear Sami, to be a pirate an official certificate is needed”. However, to get it one must behave like an… leggi 

Ambassador Alon Bar to represent Israel in Italy

The new Israeli Ambassador Alon Bar, in Rome last week, is ready for his mission in Italy. In the coming weeks he will officially present his credentials to the Head of State Sergio Mattarella. In the meantime, he met with the chief ambassador of the Italian diplomatic protocol Inigo Lambertini, to whom he presented a… leggi 

Books in a suitcase/ Toulouse, writing not to forget

“Nothing was ever the same again”. A sentence you could hear very often when – the last year on March 19th, with the speech of President Macron and of the highest officials of the République – France stopped to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attack on the Toulouse Jewish school. Four victims fell under… leggi 

Jewish culture celebrated all across Europe

The European Days of Jewish Culture 2022 kicked off yesterday in the French town of Schirmek, in Alsace, France. Coordinated by the AEPJ through a large network of institutions, the festival, where the Jewish heritage is opened to the general public, with the aim of promoting dialogue, recognition and exchange, will take place in Italy… leggi 

Catalogage du patrimoine juif en Italie, un réseau d’importance nationale

Le catalogage du patrimoine culturel juif est un projet qui n’est pas seulement fascinant mais aussi complexe. Selon Dario Disegni, président de la Fondation du patrimoine culturel juif (Fbce), l’ouverture récente du site internet est une initiative que dans son absolue unicité est “la prémisse indispensable à toute intervention qui se développe dans le… leggi