il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

How in Bologna the Holocaust Memorial
became a beloved gathering place

The most important bet will be to construct around the Memorial a living reality”. It is one of the hopes that Daniele De Paz, President of the Jewish Community of Bologna, expressed at the inauguration of the city’s Holocaust Memorial, in January 2016. Installed in a recently built square, in a space adjacent to the… leggi 

At the Shoah Museum Foundation,
a new logo nurtures Memory

A space divided in two. To enter and leave “restored, full of the desire to testify in life what you know and that must never happen again”. It is the theme of the artwork chosen among the many proposals for a new logo for the Shoah Museum Foundation in Rome dedicated to educational projects. A… leggi 

A great Rabbi and inspiring teacher
Rav Elia Richetti (1950-2021)

An Italian rabbi who was able to convey joy and courage to countless Jews, but above all a man whose splendid voice and contagious smile opened hearts. This was Rav Elia Richetti, who passed yesterday at the age of 71. Born in Milan, he obtained the rabbinical title with the Chief Rabbi of Haifa Shear… leggi 

“Communities’ songs and rituals,
a project for our unique heritage”

Rav Elia Richetti was a valued cantor and held a deep knowledge of the ancient rituals of Italian Jewish communities. In order to collect and catalogue these music and tradition, passed through generations, a project was recently launched by UCEI with the Institut Européen des Musiques Juives. Rav Richetti took up the project with the… leggi