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Italics – Reclaiming the Past

italicsBy Rob Streit*

Ancestry and genealogy have seen a recent boom in popularity. With a host of services available to those wanting to trace their lineage, the curious can swab their mouths, send their DNA away and have the past …

ITALICS A Roman Hanukkah

italicsBy Michael Fraiman*

In Rome’s Piazza Barberini, Israelis are huddling around a towering nine-metre-tall hanukkiah, besieged by colonial buildings adorned with pine-needle garlands and bulbous red ornaments. A small group of loud Hebrew speakers making a scene in the Catholic …

ITALICS The Jews in Mussolini’s Italy

italicsBy Alain Elkann*

Michele Sarfatti is a scholar of contemporary history with particular regard to the history of Jews in the twentieth century events of fascist Italy. He has just republished the definitive edition of his book “The Jews in …

Italics – Opening Italy’s ‘Closet of Shame’

italicsBy Saviona Mane*

Hidden in the guts of Stazione Centrale, Milan’s impressive train station, which was inaugurated during the fascist era and now serves 120 million railway passengers per year, is the point where fascist Italy converges with Nazi Germany: …