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ITALICS Sir Moses Montefiore: A Brief History

italicsBy Menachem Levine*

A world-famous personality, Sir Moses Montefiore was highly respected both in his native England and abroad. Until today, his name continues to be mentioned among his people with admiration and love. For the Jews of the 19th …

ITALICS Giorgio Bassani’s Memorial Tapestry

italicsBy Adam Kirsch*

The Italian Jewish writer Giorgio Bassani lived to be 84 years old, and he spent most of his adult life in Rome, where he was a prominent editor and man of letters. But almost all of his …

ITALICS A darker story

italicsThe police report said that “the terrified child, Emma Calò, aged 6, clung, weeping, to the clothes of the concierge…M r and Mrs Berna begged the official to desist from his intentions, but he was adamant.” Told that this heart-wrenching …

ITALICS Jamie Oliver Gets Schooled By a Jewish Italian Bubbe

italicsBy Rachel Myerson*

If you haven’t been watching Jamie Oliver’s current television show, “Jamie Cooks Italy,” or at least read the accompanying cookbook, “Jamie Cooks Italy — From the Heart of the Italian Kitchen,” do so immediately. The Naked Chef …

ITALICS Teaching The Holocaust In The Land Of Truffles

italicsBy Harry D. Wall*

Piedmont, the stunningly beautiful region of northern Italy, known for its truffles, wine, and hazelnuts would seem to be an unusual venue for a seminar on the Holocaust. Yet over 30 high school teachers from throughout …

ITALICS Busting Italy’s myths about the Holocaust

italicsBy Michael Curtis*

Two coins in the fountain of the historical analysis of Italy’s role in the Holocaust jostle for which one will be blessed. It remains controversial.

The familiar and prevalent view is a positive one of the “good”, …