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ITALICS Pizza Ebraica

italicsBy Rachel Rummel*

Rome’s Jewish quarter isn’t perfumed by the aromas of savory pizza dough. Rather, caramelizing sugars, just-burnt nuts, raisins, and candied citrus waft along the cobblestone. Italians call this creation pizza ebraica, which means “Jewish pizza,” even though …

Italics – The Careful Choreography of Prayer

italicsBy Ami Spiro*

The layout of the Western Wall is hotly debated among different Jewish religious groups. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is shared – mostly in harmony – among the Greek Orthodox, the Armenian Orthodox, the Catholic Church …

Sports – Jerusalem gearing up for Giro

italicsBy Barry Davis*

Things are heating up, in the best sense of the term – cycling- wise – in Jerusalem.

Last week we had the inaugural GFNY “cycling marathon” in and around the city. Over 1,300 cyclists of varying levels …