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Italics – The For­tu­nate Foàs of Sabbioneta

italicsBy Eleanor Foa*

My father, an Ital­ian Jew, used to say that ​“fam­i­ly is every­thing,” yet I knew very lit­tle about the his­to­ry of the Foà fam­i­ly. That changed when, in his retire­ment, my father wrote a forty-page fam­i­ly mem­oir …

Jews blast racism commission abstentions

italicsBy Ansa staff

Ruth Dureghello, the president of Rome’s Jewish Community, on Thursday expressed dismay that the rightwing League and Brothers of Italy (FdI) parties and Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right Forza Italia (FI) did not vote in favour of creating an …

ITALICS Spain offers citizenship to Sephardic Jews

italicsBy New Europe staff*

Over 500 years after their descendants were expelled from Spain in 1492, more than 132,000 Jews have applied for Spanish nationality under a limited-term offer that expired in early October

The Spanish parliament passed a law …

ITALICS Edda Servi Machlin and Remembering Jewish Italy

italicsBy Yvette Alt Miller*

Edda Servi Machlin has died at the age of 93. The cookbook writer changed many people’s understanding of Jewish cuisine and culture by writing prolifically about her childhood growing up in Italy’s distinctive Jewish community. Dating …

Celebrating Sabbath with Iran’s Jewish minority

italicsBy Jan Schneider*

It is Friday evening and a Jewish family’s preparations for the Sabbath, the holiest day of the week, are in full swing. In the living room, everyone has gathered around the big table for the traditional celebration …