Your Finest Hour

vitaleby Guido Vitale*

The goal of giving Italian Judaism an international news system is not an easy one. But we have an extraordinary ally: the next generation, our children.
After so much effort, after so many sacrifices to help our children to master foreign languages in order to face the challenges of a globalized world, starting with Hebrew and English, what for past generations was almost impossible, today is a reality.
With so many young people who live and are engaged internationally, in Israel and around the world to study and work, the dream of communicating our identity is within reach.
For this reason I appeal to our children: it is time for you to speak. To use the languages you have learned, and to pay tribute to our identity as Italian Jews. The time has come to take advantage of the gifts you have received.
It could be your finest hour.

*Guido Vitale is the editor-in-chief of Pagine Ebraiche