OPINION United for Israel

momiglianoBy Anna Momigliano*

I’ve never seen Italy’s Jewish community as united as during Operation Protective Edge.
This highly diverse and tiny community, composed of secular and Orthodox, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, conservatives and progressives, natives and immigrants, for once seemed to have found a common voice. Almost everyone, albeit with different nuances, seemed to support Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza. While it is certainly positive to see such a complex community speaking with one voice, one has to wonder what the reasons are behind such a united front. At times, I wonder if the support of Israel has become the only glue really able to keep our community united. I mean to say: Italy’s community is formally Orthodox (although the real frum are a minority), yet at the same time being secular is totally accepted. To a lesser extent being openly gay or attending a Reform synagogue is quietly tolerated. Mixed marriages are treated with a blind eye as well. The one thing that is unacceptable is opposing the policies of the Israeli government, whatever they are.

*Anna Momigliano is an Italian journalist currently based in Milan