il portale dell'ebraismo italiano

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By David Bidussa

Around those who lost their lives in the Bologna massacre, a name often comes up: Maria Fresu who, together with her 3-year-old daughter Angela, on the morning of August 2, 1980 at 10.25, was in the waiting …

Baruch de Spinoza

By David Bidussa*

Today is the anniversary of the pronunciation of the Cherem against Baruch de Spinoza by the members of the ma’amad of the synagogue on the Outgracht (i.e. of the Jewish-Portuguese community of Amsterdam). It was July 27, …

Reading would be enough

By David Bidussa*

“An ox knows its owner, An ass its master’s crib: Israel does not know, My people takes no thought.”. [Isaiah, I, 3]. This is the beginning of the Haftarah that we will read next week. Sometimes it …

Smart and foolish

By David Bidussa*

Nobody can save themselves alone. The “second wave”, essentially, is this: the idea that it is sufficient to isolate, to pull oneself out, then, after succeeding, resume life “as before”. Together with it, comes the denial: that …

ITALICS Everything, immediately, without effort

By David Bidussa

At the first difficulty, Jews around the desert complain. They want to go back to Egypt, or they make a feigned egalitarian revolt convinced that everyone should decides for themselves. We have been reading about it, including …


By David Bidussa*

Regarding statues: retelling history is never consoling and it is good that it is divisive. It is one of the reasons why history is a discussion in the present about the past, while still thinking about the …

Black Lives Matter

By David Bidussa

“Black Lives Matter” written on the road leading to the White House is not like the four words “I have a dream” of 57 years ago (August 28, 1963). A guide, an idea, an image to indicate …

Literature foresees reality

By David Bidussa*

“If you want a figurative symbol of the future, imagine a boot that tramples on a human face … forever.” [G. Orwell, «1984», Mondadori, Milan 1950, pp. 282-283].
Literature foresees reality.…