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Von Gadi Luzzatto Voghera*

Er, das absolut Böse, scheint immer die Hauptperson unserer Alpträume zu sein. Er wird von den Massen heraufbeschworen (kürzlich von den Impfgegnern), die großen politischen Leader sprechen von ihm. Seien sie die Gemäßigten, die große …

A shiver

By Anna Foa*
I get a photo on Facebook. It is set in an unspecified American city in 1941. It is an Easter march for peace. I remember that the United States only entered the war in December 1941, …

Ticketless – Reading Yehoshua

Alberto Cavaglion*

I have always enjoyed studying the reception of a writer in a country (or period) different from their own. Reading Yehoshua was the title of an anthology edited by Emanuela Trevisan Semi, which however does not go …

Naming and “unnaming” after

By Anna Segre

To name a street, a square or a park after someone is not like acquitting them in court: presumption of innocence is not enough, extenuating circumstances are not enough, invoking the peculiar historical circumstances in which that …

Taking leave from the past

By David Bidussa*

“I am what I do”, rather than “I am what I think”. In the intermediate time of balances, the possibility of rebirth is linked to the first expression more than to the second. Not because there …

The destiny of Afghan women

By Anna Foa*

Kabul fell into Taliban’s hands. Many Afghans are at risk, but especially girls and young girls do. In Herat, as soon as they took the city, Taliban already asked for the lists of unmarried girls over …

Memory as a dynamic process

By David Meghnagi*

Memory is a dynamic process in which data are continuously remodeled on the basis of what is learnt afterwards. A testimony given immediately or soon after a traumatic event reflects the experience of the moment. Who …

Anti-vaxxers and negationism

By David Bidussa*

The radical question about a substantial portion of the anti-vaxxer “enthusiasts” and the use of the yellow star may be this: how do they reconnect to their negationism? Or rather, now that negationists declare themselves anti-negationists …

Vaccines and the distortion of the Holocaust

By Gadi Luzzatto Voghera*

The Monitoring Centre for anti-Semitism of the Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation has been denouncing anti-vax protestors’ misuse of the Nazi anti-Jewish symbols for more than a year. In the last few days, this issue …