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Welcome back Susan Sontag

David Bidussa*

Many years ago, Susan Sontag, in “Illness as Metaphor”, a book that has been lost for a long time and which the publisher Nottetempo will release again in bookstores on November 19th, warned against considering illnesses as moral …

25 years without Rabin

November 4 was the 25th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s murder. Just to remind us of how much death and suffering can be caused and are still in the name of God. Of any God.

Stefano Jesurum

Die Chronophobie der Fundamentalisten

In einem Interview des 22. Oktober von Marion Galy Ramounot von “Madame Figaro”, wenn über den Grund befragt, woraus sie nach dem Mord an Samuel Paty eine Karikatur von «Charlie Hebdo» veröffentlicht hat, antwortete Delphine Horvilleur das Folgende: „Nichts macht …

Ticketless – Zucca barucca

By Alberto Cavaglion*
We have been a little lonelier recently. Aldo Zargani – the unforgettable author of Per violino solo – For solo violin (1995, Il Mulino) – died yesterday in Rome. Including his book among those belonging to the …


By David Bidussa

Around those who lost their lives in the Bologna massacre, a name often comes up: Maria Fresu who, together with her 3-year-old daughter Angela, on the morning of August 2, 1980 at 10.25, was in the waiting …

Baruch de Spinoza

By David Bidussa*

Today is the anniversary of the pronunciation of the Cherem against Baruch de Spinoza by the members of the ma’amad of the synagogue on the Outgracht (i.e. of the Jewish-Portuguese community of Amsterdam). It was July 27, …

Reading would be enough

By David Bidussa*

“An ox knows its owner, An ass its master’s crib: Israel does not know, My people takes no thought.”. [Isaiah, I, 3]. This is the beginning of the Haftarah that we will read next week. Sometimes it …

Smart and foolish

By David Bidussa*

Nobody can save themselves alone. The “second wave”, essentially, is this: the idea that it is sufficient to isolate, to pull oneself out, then, after succeeding, resume life “as before”. Together with it, comes the denial: that …

ITALICS Everything, immediately, without effort

By David Bidussa

At the first difficulty, Jews around the desert complain. They want to go back to Egypt, or they make a feigned egalitarian revolt convinced that everyone should decides for themselves. We have been reading about it, including …