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Smart and foolish

By David Bidussa*

Nobody can save themselves alone. The “second wave”, essentially, is this: the idea that it is sufficient to isolate, to pull oneself out, then, after succeeding, resume life “as before”. Together with it, comes the denial: that …

ITALICS Everything, immediately, without effort

By David Bidussa

At the first difficulty, Jews around the desert complain. They want to go back to Egypt, or they make a feigned egalitarian revolt convinced that everyone should decides for themselves. We have been reading about it, including …


By David Bidussa*

Regarding statues: retelling history is never consoling and it is good that it is divisive. It is one of the reasons why history is a discussion in the present about the past, while still thinking about the …

Black Lives Matter

By David Bidussa

“Black Lives Matter” written on the road leading to the White House is not like the four words “I have a dream” of 57 years ago (August 28, 1963). A guide, an idea, an image to indicate …

Literature foresees reality

By David Bidussa*

“If you want a figurative symbol of the future, imagine a boot that tramples on a human face … forever.” [G. Orwell, «1984», Mondadori, Milan 1950, pp. 282-283].
Literature foresees reality.…


By David Bidussa*

Regarding the judgment on the things that have worked and those that have not work, it is advisable to keep in mind that we don’t need models or symbols, but examples. And the examples always warn us …

Post-Covid and post-war

By David Bidussa

The idea that the period post-Covid equals the post war period is becoming more and more common. I understand the appeal of comparison, but I believe it is not only wrong, but it creates of confusion and …

2020, the good and the bad

By David Bidussa

The year 2020 has also brought some good things. For example, Silvia Romano is free. But then a voice inside my head tells me that it is good not to forget to call things by their name. …