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The destiny of Afghan women

By Anna Foa*

Kabul fell into Taliban’s hands. Many Afghans are at risk, but especially girls and young girls do. In Herat, as soon as they took the city, Taliban already asked for the lists of unmarried girls over 12 years old. They are doing the same in Kabul. In a video circulating online, an Afghan girl says crying. “We will die slowly in history”.
But perhaps at least this could be done, negotiating on the destiny of women, insisting on it. Trying to wrest some rights for them. Let’s get them out of the country, welcome them, give them refuge and a place where to live, study, and work. Of course, men too, but women are really in the most danger. Let’s give them a strong message that we care about their destiny, and that determines our politics. We cannot do much, but at least we must do this.