NEWS Shimon Peres to Visit Expo

peresBy Rossella Tercatin

Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition that will take place in Milan between May 1 and October 31, 2015, is set to have another very special guest to add to the remarkable guest-list: the former president of Israel, Shimon Peres.
Peres, 91, was invited by the governor of Regione Lombardia (the region where Milan is located) Roberto Maroni, who visited Israel last week.

Maroni met the Israeli leader at the Shimon Peres Center for Peace where the two discussed a possible involvement of Regione Lombardia in some of the projects of the Center. These projects include giving sick Palestinian children the opportunity of being treated in Israeli hospitals.

“The meeting with president Peres was extremely positive. I had already met him as a minister of the Interior, but this time I wanted to know more about the projects of the Peres Center for Peace. I hope that Lombardy will be able to contribute, especially in the healthcare sector, which is one of our strengths. I also invited President Peres to Expo. He will most likely visit it in September.”

Last week as well, #Italy #Food #Design, an event to present Expo Milan to the Israeli public was held at the Design Museum Holon. It was aimed at exploring the relationship between taste and beauty.
Several prominent Italian chefs flew to Israel to offer their creations and expertise during a number of events during the week. Among the chefs was Carlo Cracco, the star chef of a gala organized at the residence of the Italian Ambassador, Francesco Maria Talò.

During the gala, a document was signed by governor Maroni and Avi Dickstein of the Keren Kaymet LeIsrael, the Jewish National Fund. The agreement between them gives 12 scholarships to students in agriculture from Lombardy to study in Israel.