A Fight for Freedom

By Renzo Gattegna

“Freedom is not in a stable right, but something that needs to be conquered every day. It is a right that must be cultivated, protected, defended from the threats of those who want to impose models not compatible with the values of our democracies,” said the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) Renzo Gattegna in a message sent on Passover’s eve.
“The events of these past months, marked by many deaths and sufferings, have brought to the attention of the public opinion that there is an ongoing attack against fundamental rights which affects or may affect indiscriminately everyone. So we need to speak and act clearly and to be ambassadors of light, vitality and progress and involve the whole society so that nobody can be or feel isolated. This challenge becomes even more powerful in these days of celebration,” Gattegna added.

The President of Italian Jews considers Passover the most relevant moment of the year for reflecting on the meaning of freedom, and on the extraordinary impact that freedom has in everyone’s lives. “but also the sacrifices that are required to achieve it.”