NEWS Thousands Join Rally for Israel in Rome

gattegnaBy Adam Smulevich

Thousands of people gathered in front of the Embassy of Israel in Rome on Sunday to express their solidarity with the people of Israel.
Organized by the Jewish Community of Rome and supported by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI), the event was also attended by representatives of different political parties (both left and right wing).

“On the media there is constant misinformation about what is happening in Israel. But we will win because our people are strong and determined,” Israeli Ambassador to Italy Naor Gilon said during the ceremony.
The president of the UCEI Renzo Gattegna and the president of the local Jewish Community, Ruth Dureghello together issued a strong call for unity to overcome this difficult time

The event ended with a choral of “Hatikva”, during which time a very big Israeli flag was unfurled.