FEATURES June 4, 1944: a Picture

June4By Adam Smulevich

In the December issue, Pagine Ebraiche presents its readers with an unpublished picture of extraordinary symbolic value. The picture portrays Aron Colub, the American soldier who broke the seals placed by the Nazis on the synagogue of Rome. The event happened on June 4, 1944, the day that the Italian Capital was freed by the Allies.

As explained in the archives of the Rome Jewish Community, until now it had not been possible to associate the soldier’s name to a face. The picture published by Pagine Ebraiche is the result of extensive research conducted in the Jewish Quarter by Alberto Di Consiglio, who is working on the recovery of written and oral memories of those years.

In the photo, Colub, smiling, has two women on his sides. Sitting on the ground is a Jewish boy, Amedeo Di Veroli, whose family was in touch with the soldier in the days following the Liberation. The atmosphere is relaxed. It’s the moment to think again of the future. Rome is free, the Jewish people are free, after years of persecution, fear and violence.