il portale dell'ebraismo italiano


italicsBy Daniela Gross

About 13,000 people signed an appeal against Nazi and fascist groups. The petition, titled “A Signature against Fascism,” was launched online two weeks ago. As Paolo Berizzi reported on the daily La Repubblica, this campaign is aimed at requiring the political leadership to ban all organizations “clearly inspired by fascism or Nazism, which have, for a long time, been promoting festivals, demonstrations, and meetings (also and mostly) in Milan and in the Lombardia region.”

The goal of the anti-fascist groups and associations which started the petition on the website, is to collect 100,000 signatures to present to the political leadership by the end of April. This would be just in time for the Liberation celebrations on the 25th, when many gatherings are frequently held by the extreme right. It is a strong call to action for democracy and against racism and totalitarianism, which sounds even stronger these days when xenophobia is again a concrete reality.