NEWS New Israeli Ambassador Takes Post in Rome

sachsBy Pagine Ebraiche staff
Ofer Sachs, the new Israeli ambassador to Italy took up his post last week. Sachs previously served as the chief executive officer of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute. Between 2006 and 2011 he was posted in Brussels to supervise the cooperation between Israel and the European Union in the field of agriculture.
“I come from a small agricultural community in Israel, not too far from the old Roman city of Caesarea. My family has been a farming family for more than four generations and in this respect I’m very happy to be here in Italy, in a country that has such an impressive agricultural heritage,” he highlighted in a message published on the social networks.
“There are so many values that Israel and Italy share. Italy and Israel are cooperating in various fields: in the area of science as well as in the political and economic areas. Our joint mission for the next few years is to enhance this good cooperation and to bring the Italian and the Israeli people closer than ever,” Sachs concluded.