NEWS An Acknowledgement for the Donation of New Synagogue in Palermo

palermo synagogueBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff
The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation announced that it will award the archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice a medal. Last January, Lorefice donated a space to the newly established Jewish Community of Palermo (a section of the Jewish Community of Naples), to establish a synagogue in the city.
The Foundation is dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who went missing in January 1945 after saving the lives of thousands of Jews and other persecuted during Second World War. the Foundation aims at developing educational programs and public awareness campaigns based on the values of solidarity and civic courage, ethical cornerstones of the survivors of the Holocaust.
“Lorefice’s gesture of good will and brotherhood deserves our gratitude and our acknowledgement because it opens a bridge of dialogue and understanding,” said the president of the Foundation Eduardo Eurnekian, as reported by the Italian daily La Stampa.
The donation was the result of the cooperation between the local authorities, the diocese administration, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, the organization Shavei Israel and the local Jewish Community. They are all continuing to work together for the new projects and initiatives that the synagogue will allow.