NEWS A Constitutional Pact for Italian Islam

Islam-in-ItaliaBy Pagine Ebraiche Staff

Italian institutions are working on a bill to enhance better integration and dialogue with the Muslims of Italy. Last week, the Chamber of Deputies began to discuss the proposal. Marking the beginning of the legislative procedure there was also a conference devoted to “Islam in Italy. What Constitutional Pact?” at the Montecitorio Palace.
The conference was promoted by Andrea Mazziotti, a member of Parliament and president of the Commission of Constitutional Affairs. The event was introduced by the Montecitorio Police superintendent, Stefano Dambruoso. It focused on topics that are not often dealt with, such as the challenges of integration, civil rights and economic growth for the two million member community which is currently the largest minority in Italy.
“Our legal system is equipped with repressive tools to deal with terrorism which are effective and timely. However, we have a cultural gap to bridge in terms of guaranteeing true security. The real battle to be waged is not in the perspective of repression, but the one of integration,” explained Dambruoso.

 “Italian society is rapidly changing and Islam, which is the second religion in Italy will have a high number of followers in schools, public life, and institutions, where we need to be capable of welcoming these citizens,” he added.
Among the topics covered, the compatibility of the Islamic system of laws with Italian laws, the fight against radicalism, and the preservation of Italian identity as described in the Constitution.
All the issues are crucial to every Italian citizen. Italian Jews, with their experience as the most ancient minority in Italy, have a lot to offer in this solution.