NEWS A Secret Garden in Venice

garden veniceBy Rossella Tercatin

Olive, fig, almond, palm trees and many more: a garden featuring over 450 species of plants, trees and bushes mentioned in the Bible was inaugurated last week in Venice. The new “Secret Garden” extends for about 110 square meters and stands behind the “Scola Spagnola” synagogue.

“It’s a small dream finally coming true: a secret place in the heart of the ghetto to find peace, colors and scents,” commented Gaia Ravà, a member of the Council of the Jewish Community of Venice.

The garden also includes a Sukkah, the typical cabin built each year for the festival of Sukkot. It will be open to the public starting from September 2, 2018.

At the inauguration the chief rabbi of Venice Scialom Bahbout highlighted the deep connection between Judaism and nature. “Our responsibility towards it includes every single blade of grass”.

Speaking at the event also were the president of the community Paolo Gnignati, the project director Lorenzo Simoni, the major donor Enrico Shoet and Michela Zanon of the Coopculture co-op. Sandra Levis, a member of the Council of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities delivered the greetings of UCEI president Noemi Di Segni.