NEWS Running to Remember in Turin

run for mem turinBy Daniel Reichel

Almost 2,000 people gathered in Piazza Madama Cristina, in the heart of Turin, two blocks from the synagogue, to participate in the third edition of Run for MEM, the race for remembrance organized by the Union of Italian Jewish Communities with the Jewish community of Turin and the support of the World Jewish Congress.

“We run every day, in the frenzy of daily life, but today we do it with a message in our hearts, bringing with us the memory of the past and at the same time the desire to look at the future,” said President UCEI Noemi Di Segni, during the opening of the race in Turin, following the earlier races in Rome and Bologna.

As in the past, 82 year old Shaul Ladany, an Israeli Olympic runner who survived the Nazi lagers and the massacre of Monaco ’72, was the exceptional testimonial of the race.

“Remember the reason why you are here, said Ladany to the runners.” “Don’t forget the Shoah and make sure that this tragedy won’t happen again”.

The President of the Jewish Community of Turin, Dario Disegni, greeted the participants and thanked the authorities and representatives of the various religions for their presence.

“It is an important initiative for Turin, said mayor Chiara Appendino, we are here to remember and to pass down to new generations the values of sports.”

The President of the Piedmont Region Sergio Chiamparino added that the race “allows us to remember in a different way a dark history of great suffering. My hope, however, is that we will not forget the meaning of January 27th once midnight has passed”.