NEWS A new president for the Union of Young Jews of Italy

santoroBy Pagine Ebraiche staff

Simone Santoro, 24, from Turin, is the new president of the Union of Young Jews of Italy. The newly elected 2020 Council appointed him unanimously.

Santoro is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in engineering. In the past he studied in Barcelona.

After his appointment, he said that he intended to set a year of work dedicated to dialogue, “the art that induces people to discover how much they have in common”.

The idea therefore, through a “respectful, humble and proactive” dialogue, is to encourage aggregation between people from different backgrounds.

“We will work with people with all sorts of backgrounds, religious and otherwise, left-wing Zionists and right-wing Zionists, from small, medium and large communities. We will work – said the new president Ugei – with the goal of easing tensions.”

David Fiorentini will work alongside Santoro as vice-president, Daphne Zelnick as treasurer and Giulia Rachel Ciolli as head of HaTikwa and the Ugei site. On the Board were also elected Keren Perugia, Bruno Sabatello and Giulia Santoro.