NEWS Italian Jewish community marks Liberation Day

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

The Italian Jewish community celebrated April 25, the Day of Liberation from the Nazi-Fascism regimes with several online events.

“We celebrated April 25, not by filling the squares but virtually, with the heart, in our homes, recalling what the day of Liberation from Nazi-fascism means, a day which we want to remember through the memory of the Jewish Brigade: young and very young soldiers who came from mandated Palestine and from other countries to be alongside the Resistance, to the partisans and allies, to free our Italy, to give us freedom,” the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) Noemi Di Segni said opening the special event created by the UCEI for the 75th anniversary of the Liberation and dedicated to the heroes of the Jewish Brigade.

“It is essential that the memory of April 25 and the role of the Jewish Brigade be recognized, both part of study programs and part of our lives,” she added.

Speaking at the conference were also historian Samuele Rocca, writer Romano Rossi, chief rabbi of Ferrara rav Luciano Meir Caro and defense attaché at the Israeli embassy Dror Altman.

Many other Jewish institutions organized several initiatives, including the Contemporary Center for Jewish Documentation and Jewish Community in Milan and the Culture Center of the Jewish of Rome.