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Beth Shlomo, a memory to be saved

Beth Shlomo synagogue came to life in Milan right after World War II, thanks to Jewish soldiers of the British Army, among them the Jewish Brigade volunteers, and it was paramount between the 1945 and the beginnings of 50s in giving shelter to survivors of extermination camps and in organizing the refugee’s emigration to Israel.
Now this historical institution, which hosts the Aron HaKodesh from the Italian concentration camp of Ferramonti and two Torah scrolls dating back to 19th century brought to Milan by the Chief Rabbi of Genoa Riccardo Pacifici, launches a crowdfunding campaign aimed at preserving its memory. Due to the economic crisis, Beth Shlomo, which in addition to being a synagogue is a cultural center open to the city, is at risk of shutting down. “Help Beth Shlomo to keep its memory alive”, reads the online campaign to which everybody can contribute to preserve a place such important to the city of Milan and to its Jewish community. Here more information.
Originally set in the building at the civic 5 of Unione street, that today hosts the State Police and ow located in Porta Romana, Beth Shlomo She’erit Haplità along with regular services promotes a research center devoted to traditional Jewish music and another focused on Jewish combatants during WWII: British companies of volunteers from British Mandate Palestine, the Jewish Brigade, partisans, and soldiers who fought for the Allies. For its meritorious acts and its cultural initiatives, Beth Shlomo was awarded the Ambrogino d’oro, the highest the highest honors conferred by the municipality of Milan
UCEI elections postponed to March 2021
As a consequence of the ongoing pandemic, the elections to renew the Council of UCEI – Union of Italian Jewish Communities, which were initially planned for November 15, will be held in March 2021. The decision was formalized last week by UCEI Council accordingly with the opinions of the Board of Arbitrators and the Rabbinic Board. However, the course of the pandemic will be constantly monitored so as to consider the opportunity to reschedule the date. The lists of candidates will not change.