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An online conversation to honor Aldo Zargani

A month after his death, friends and family will honor in a conversation online the life and work of the writer Aldo Zargani, the unforgettable author of the memoir “Per violino solo. La mia infanzia nell’Aldiqua. 1938-1945 – For Solo Violin. A Jewish Childhood in Fascist Italy”. The meeting will be held Thursday 19th November at 20:30 on Zoom. Participate to the conversation, which will coordinated by Laura Quercioli Mincer, the Chief Rabbi of Rome Riccardo Di Segni; Marco Belpoliti, University of Bergamo; Alberto Cavaglion, University of Florence; Mirna Cicioni, University of Monash (Australia); Luigi Grazioli, managing editor of Doppiozero; Rabbi Gianfranco Di Segni, editor in chief of the quarterly La rassegna Mensile di Israel. The link will be communicated a couple of day ahead.
Aldo Zargani, who died aged 87, will be remembered as an exquisite writer and an engaged public intellectual, as the readers of Pagine ebraiche – to which through the years he donated so many memorable writings – already known. His memoir “For solo violin”, was published by Il Mulino in 1995, reconstructs the lost world of his Jewish childhood during the perilous years 1938-45 when he and his family fled from Fascists and Nazis in northern Italy. It was an extraordinary literary debut. Not surprisingly, it won several literary awards and was translated in many languages.