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Italics – Tell Me a Story

By Anthony Grafton*
On July 22, 1955, the Times Literary Supplement welcomed the appearance of a new scholarly book with an enthusiasm rarely matched in its gray, closely printed pages. Pride of place, in those days, went not to the …

The Jews in the Renaissance

By Pagine Ebraiche staff
There is no period in Italian history more celebrated, praised, and idealized than the Renaissance. Thanks to artists and intellectuals, a new awareness came to light. A new humanism replaced the traditional way of thinking manifesting …

Mercy versus Law: Christian or Jewish

By Susannah Heschel*

“Which is the merchant here? And which the Jew?” asks Portia as she enters the courtroom, disguised, of course, as the maledoctor of laws, Balthasar. Portia’s gender disguise is accompanied by her confusion: can she not recognize …

The Compasso d’oro prizes identity

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

A logo, for an institution, is a way to talk about its very identity. For this reason, it must be simple and effective. Such elements were acknowledged by the international jury of the 26th Compasso d’Oro …

Venice, the Great German Schola
to reopen on Yom Kippur

By Pagine Ebraiche staff
On Yom Kippur, the sound of the shofar will resonate for the first time after a century in the magnificent Great German Schola in Venice, the first of the five synagogues in the area of one …

Les bourreaux italiens

Le 8 septembre 1943, 19 heures 42 minutes. Badoglio annonce à la radio l’armistice qui avait été signé le 3 septembre à Cassible et qui marquait la capitulation sans conditions de l’Italie aux alliés. Le peuple s’en est réjoui, puisqu’on …