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A strange echo effect

By David Bidussa*

In New York, Friday 19 August, a week after the attack, intellectuals gathered on the steps of the New York Public Library to give public readings of Salman Rushdie’s work to show solidarity, but also because …

The routes of Eden

By Alberto Cavaglion*

I would like to talk about Eshkol Nevo’s latest novel, which has been keeping me company this week (“Le vie dell’Eden”, Einaudi). As for the previous novels, I was not disappointed by it: the three stories …

How much is school worth?

By Anna Segre

Ius sanguis, ius soli, ius scholae: the right of the blood, the right of the soil, the right of the school. If we look at the literal translation, aside from the current use of this terminology to …

Israel Corrado De Benedetti (1927-2022)

“Je me sentais trahi par l’Italie: c’était pas deux fascistes qui m’avaient arrêté, mais deux gendarmes en uniforme. Et puis, en Israël on voulait construire une société et un Pays meilleurs.” Israel Corrado De Benedetti racontait ainsi à Pagine Ebraiche, …


By Laura Mincer*

In an essay soon to be published, the Franco-Bulgarian art historian and scholar Neli Dobreva subjects the 9/11 memorials in New York to rigorous criticism (not without reason). A criticism also due to their, more or less …

Plural identity

By Anna Foa*

It may seem strange, perhaps, but one of the most debated problems in the Jewish world, at least since emancipation and the encounter with modernity but even before, if we think of Josephus or Spinoza, is …

Uneasy integration

By David Bidussa*

“We cannot expect newcomers to integrate into existing cultural practices without having the opportunity to contribute”. So Yasha Mounk, in his book “The great experiment: Why diverse democracies fall apart and how they can endure” (recently …

The soul of Europe

By Laura Mincer*

At the end of 1920s, Mojżesz Kanfer and Wilhelm Berkelhammer, two great Polish-Jewish intellectuals and critics, wrote: “Jews are the Ukraine of peoples, they live at the boundaries f peoples” and also: “You can find all …

Trois anneaux

Par Alberto Cavaglion*

Le dernier livre de Daniel Mendelsohn, “Trois anneaux : un conte d’exils” (Flammarion), est un vrai chef-d’œuvre. Un livre si lié aux deux précédents (Les Disparus, 2007 ; Une Odyssée, 2017) qui on peut penser qu’il …

United States and rights

By David Bidussa*

Lessons from America: a right attained is not forever.

*Social historian of ideas