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Italy Marks Liberation Day

Throughout the country thousand of people marched in the parades organized for April 25, the day on which Italy celebrates the liberation from Nazi-fascism, starting from the great national event held in Milan.
In many cities and circumstances words of gratitude were addressed in memory of the contribution to freedom given by the Italian Jewish partisans and by the volunteers of the Jewish brigade, the British Army formation of Jewish recruited in the Mandated Palestine.
“For Italian Jews it is a fundamental and deeply shared date”, the President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities Noemi Di Segni said in a statement. She also commented: “April 25 is an annual stage to reaffirm commitment and responsibility to defend the values of democracy and freedom. Freedom that is by no means taken for granted and is the result of a daily educational action”.
Many thoughts, in these hours of remembrance, turned also to the Ukrainian people under attack, to their struggle to remain free. “Today, in this unpredictable and dramatic season we are going through in Europe, the value of Resistance to aggression, hatred, massacres and barbarism against civilians goes beyond its own temporal and geographical limits”, underlined the Italian President Sergio Mattarella. According to Mattarella “this going back in history represents a danger not only for Ukraine but for all Europeans, for the entire international community”.