Violence inflicted by Hamas on Israeli women deliberately ignored by demonstrators in Rome

“Today, we cannot remain silent in the face of the news that has reached us from Israel, even through international news sources, and the terrible images of violence and rape perpetrated during the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7th last year.” This was written on Saturday by Minister of the Family Eugenia Roccella in an open letter on the topic of violence against women in conflict zones.
The Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) also addressed the issue, issuing an appeal to women to “mobilize together, without distinction of political orientation, religious faith, or nationality, to ensure that the violence suffered, the pain in solitude, and the search for justice are truly represented, with the commitment to education and the transmission of a culture that recognizes and embraces female knowledge and skills.”
However, the people who marched in Rome last Saturday behind the banners of “Non una di meno” were not united at all. At the demonstration, which was intended to reaffirm a clear no to violence against women, there were many Palestinian flags. This waving of flags deliberately ignored the violence, rape, humiliation, and killings inflicted on the girls, women, and elderly women of Israel by the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas on October 7th.