ADEI, four finalists for the literary prize

Four novels will compete for the 24th edition of the literary prize of the Association of Jewish Women of Italy (Adei), dedicated to the memory of Adelina Della Pergola. In the main section, “Madre” (On Division) by Goldie Goldbloom and “La casa sul Nilo” (The house on the Nile) by Denise Pardo are shortlisted, while the children’s section will see “Sotto l’albero delle giuggiole” (Under the jujube tree) by Gila Almagor and “Tra le pagine” (Between the pages) by Hugo Hamilton. “The tragic events of recent months reaffirm the importance of this prize,” said the national president of Adei Susanna Sciaky. Sciaky said it is easy to see “in those who take a position against Israel, even forgetting the horrific massacres committed by terrorists on October 7, a very reductive knowledge of history and geopolitics” to say the least. For this reason as well, “culture is necessary because so that everyone can exercise their critical judgment, otherwise everything that is said can become the most vulgar racism inspired by hatred.”

Above, the presentation of the 2023 Adei Prize to the Israeli writer Eshkol Nevo.