ART – History seen from above
in Giorgio Albertini plates

In occasion of the Casale Comics & Games Festival, a event dedicated to comics in Piedmont region, the Fondazione Casale Ebraica (Jewish Casale Foundation) inaugurated “History, seen from above,” an exhibition dedicated to the works of Giorgio Albertini. Passionate about archaeology, cartoonist and lecturer at the International School of Comics, Albertini, born in 1968, is known for the series signed together with Grégory Panaccione Chronosquad (published by Delcourt and Panini), which tells the adventures of an intertemporal police force.
The exhibition, curated by Ada Treves, will open to the public in the Jewish Community’s Sala until June 16. Several plates signed by Albertini will be on display, including a reconstruction of the magnificent baroque synagogue of Casale. Many of the plates with bird’s-eye views and axonometries provide a reconstruction of buildings and archaeological digs as they must have once been. Another series of plates on display investigates Jewish identity, following a narrative device: a dream in which Albertini’s youngest son announces that he wants to eat Kosher. In response to his son, the author quotes some of the greats of Jewish history, from Maimonides to Heinrich Heine to Theodor Herzl.