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Lighting Hanukkah candles from Rome to Milan

Hanukkah lights went on again in many Italian squares. For the 34th consecutive year in Rome one of the most significant scenarios was Piazza Barberini, where the great Hanukkah lamp has been located for a few hours and illuminated, as …

Jewish Italy lights up against the darkness of prejudice

In big cities as in small centers, last Tuesday the lights went up in ancient synagogues, community buildings, and private homes to commemorate the anniversary of Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, the pogrom against Jews carried out by …

“Jewish women in institutions,
contribution and experience”

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

United in the diversity of souls and paths. A perspective which the World Jewish Congress wanted to promote with an event entirely female oriented, with various voices of women in leadership roles within the Jewish world …

Reading “Chagigah” in Italian

The Jewish new year started with a remarkable cultural accomplishment. The translation of the Talmud into Italian went a step further with the release of the tractate “Chagigah”, literally “Festival offering”. It is the fifth of the Babylonian Talmud tractates …

NEWS Milan’s police prefect visits the Garden of Righteous

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

The police prefect of Milan Renato Saccone visited the city’s Garden of Righteous for the first time last week.

“Before the Righteous and the Tree of Virtue, one may feel a little inadequate, because we are …

NEWS UCEI to devote funding to the fight against coronavirus

By Pagine Ebraiche staff

The Union of Italian Jewish Communities will allocate a part of its funds from the Otto per Mille to support the fight against Coronavirus and help the entities that are dedicated to social and health solidarity. …