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The power of poetry

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

In memory of Paul Celan, who is not wrong to re-read every now and then.
“Black milk of daybreak we drink it at sundown
we drink it at noon in the morning we drink it at night…

The Ten Commandments

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

I learned many things by listening to a 13-year-old teenager giving a speech for his Bar mitzvah in my synagogue. I summarize some of the things he said. In the scene of the ten commandments, three things …

The liberation from Egypt and Amalek

bidussaBy David Bidussa

Jewish memory has defined two paradigms of the danger of annihilation and the defeat of the annihilator. Both are in Shemot a few chapters away. The first is the liberation from Egypt; the second the episode of …

Lessons for today

bidussaBy David Bidussa

“The provocateurs, the abusers, all those who, in any way, do wrong to others are guilty’ not only of the evil they commit, but of the perversion to which they lead the souls of the offended.” (Alessandro …

A true barbarian

bidussaBy David Bidussa

I happened to read by chance some pages by Michel de Montaigne, pages dedicated to cannibals (Essays, Book I, chap. XXXI). The philosopher reflects on the episodes of cannibalism that characterized the religious war between Catholics and …

Time to take stock

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

It is time to take stock. The Holocaust Remembrance Day turns 20. I ask myself many questions, two often come back to me. The first: in these 20 years the Shoah has been the most remembered event, …

Sensing Truth: Looking up and seeing portentous things

mascettiBy Yaakov Mascetti*

The Biblical act of seeing is never univocal, never simple. Rather, seeing is, by and large, a matter of will – perception entails a degree of preparation and of focus. To see is to know – and …

Amoz Oz and the Fanatic

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

“The fanatic is a walking exclamation mark. The fight against fanaticism would do well not to reply with an opposite exclamation mark. Fighting fanaticism does not mean annihilating all fanatics but, perhaps, putting in place a cautious …