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bidussaBy David Bidussa*

For the second time in a few months, the “Pecora Elettrica” bookstore in the Centocelle neighborhood in Rome has been set on fire. This time it was the evening before its new reopening.
“Nothing like arson embodies …


bidussaBy David Bidussa*

The last one hundred years (more or less) in 60 characters, spaces included: 1917-2019, from “hate toward the indifferent” to “hate toward the different.”

*David Bidussa is a historian of social ideas.


bidussaBy David Bidussa

More or less 79 years later, once again in Dunkerque, Britain and Europe discover what the last resort is.

Now, unlike June 1940, there has been no “homeland” on the horizon, ready to bring the last survivors …

Symbols on walls

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

We have recently come back to debate the issue of religious symbols on classrooms’ walls.

Once it has been decided that those walls should not remain empty, which symbol should be used? It depends on whether the …


bidussaBy David Bidussa

“The executioners next door,” by Jan Tomasz Gross is a book that covers a case of extermination that took place in Poland in 1941 at Polish hands. The book was published in Italy in 2002, and reprinted …


By David Bidussa

The centennial of Fiume (editor’s note: currently Rijeka in Croatian) has been archived with a statue honoring its commander. A different centenary is looming on the horizon. The centennial, which we will search in vain in the …


bidussaBy David Bidussa

“Look how efficient hatred is, how hatred keeps itself in shape in our century. How easily it overcomes obstacles. How easy it appeals to and hooks people.” (Wislawa Szymborska, Hatred).
Our time in 170 characters, spaces included.…

80 years after the Second World War

bidussaBy David Bidussa

Thinking back to the beginning of the Second World War – exactly 80 years ago – nowadays we often hear, “never again.” I understand the consoling intent, but I am not convinced.

I ask myself this question: …

Agnes Heller

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

Agnes Heller, the Hungarian philosopher who recently passed away, belonged to a group of public figures who did not pay homage to the powerful, even when today’s powerful was, until yesterday, an opponent. Because what matters is …

Hiding and Revealing the Divine – an Ambivalent Israel

mascettiBy Yaakov Mascetti*

I take the traditional negative approach to the figure of Bil’am, the non-Jewish prophet whose story we find in the weekly portion of “Balak,” personally. On this point I have had more than one occasion to express …