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A Reminder

bidussaBy David Bidussa*

A reminder: “Cursed be he who Subverts the Rights of the stranger” [Dt., 27,19]. Fundamental human rights demand the rescue and welcome of the stranger; they do not demand the inclusion. Dehumanizing in order to legitimize the …

Double Life – Noise

fubiniBy Daniela Fubini*

When written words are your line of business, but most of your day is spent among people (in my case, on a rather long commute and in a small but highly interactive office) you have two options …

Rosh HaShanah of Love

mascettiBy Yaakov Mascetti*

I’m not ready for another batch of High Holidays in the light of Divine judgment, ten days of introspection followed by twenty-five hours of fast and prayer, fear and sorrow for sins committed, and then a whole …

FEATURES Stories of Hopes from Naples

napoliBy Jacqueline McKenna*

The Holocaust was a horrendous tragedy that threatens to diminish our faith in humanity. All over Europe families, children, mothers were separated and killed, revealing the utmost barbaric and inhumane side of our society. However, during this …

Double Life – Colors

fubiniBy Daniela Fubini*

The World Cup is over and the summer can start now, finally. It’s too bad the Cup didn’t go to Croatia, the typical underdog who collected fans all around the globe by ending up in a finale …

PILPUL Anti-fascism

anna foa by giovanni monteneroBy Anna Foa

On June 9, 1937, 81 years ago, two antifascist Jews, the Rosselli brothers, were killed by hit men belonging to the right-wing extremist French movement La Cagoule in Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, Normandy. It was the Italian fascist regime which …


bidussaBy David Bidussa*

While trying to understand what is happening right now, I re-read the “Letter concerning fanaticism” by Shaftesbury (1708, Chiarelettere publisher), in which the author states that refusing to be in a good mood means that there is …

Double Life – Food & ball

fubiniBy Daniela Fubini*

One of the things that keeps new and old immigrants connected with the original country, especially when you are an Italian and you live anywhere else on the globe is naturally the food.

Luckily, Italian food is …

Open Closed Open – Speech, Intention and Action

mascettiBy Yaakov Mascetti*

When I was recently asked to write something on the weekly Torah portion (parashah) of Balak, the moment came when I had to face one of the most difficult sections in the Scriptures from the point of …